Who we are?

Bessa Aráujo Ser. Top. Uni. Lda. Was founded in June 2001 by an experienced surveyor and CO- Manager João Paulo Bessa Araújo.

Over the years, we are proud of taken part or being involved on the implementation of some of the most important projects that contribute to the development of the country.

This continuously ongoing work is based on a serious, professional, capable and entrepreneurial attitude. But most of all a strong human component.

We are used to adapt with all our customers and its various operating modes.

We are prepared to operate in national and international market,and we are able to integrate your team work.

Our know-how has a strong component in special engineering works like bridges, overpass, top / bottom movable scaffolding systems, formtravellers, excavations, embankments, pavements,roads and motorways, etc.

What distinguishes us

We have capable human resources, equipment and supported knowledge. We believe that our true value is based on this path, chosen by us and directs us to a difficult but promising future. Our team is motivated, competent and we want to continue on this direction. The Bessa Araújo Sr, Top. Uni. Lda has a strong sense of mission, of "savoir faire" and unconditional commitment to the cause. We have a multidisciplinary team with French, English, Spanish and Italian domain.

Sites all over the world

Main objectives

We propose to continue this activity, improving and updating knowledge, skills and especially to closely monitor each project. Developing a serious, competitive and efficient work.

After a decade on a huge effort by the acquisition of equipment, it's time to reach diversify markets and customers. We are able to operate in various scenarios and focus on the internationalization, a way to continue our "modus operandi".

Our team

Our staff has experienced surveyors with the necessary training and strong knowledge of tasks to perform.

We are prepared to operate in several national and international scenarios.


The acquisition of cutting-edge equipment has always been a clear commitment of our company. The market has several rental possibilities, but at this point we have our equipment, with total stations, GPS's, accuracy levels, computers, plotters, and so on.

We have the tools that allow us to respond effectively to all the needs.